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    PRM-9000 Geiger Counter -Nuclear Radiation Contamination Detector by Mazur


    Survival from the unimaginable

    Just like cancer it starts with preventable measures from protecting yourself from radiation KICANADA has chosen special products for purchase to protect you and your family from harms way.  Also a set of books for reading and learning.
  • SIRAD CARD - Self Indicating Radiation Alert Dosimeter

    This credit card size card may save your life or prevent it from entering a nuclear or radiation environment.

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    Heat Activated Personal Cooling DC1-30480W (Includes 16 PhaseCore 28 elements)

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    RAD - STICKER Why we need to carry a dosimeter: People and governments around the world are concerned about incidents, such as terrorist attacks using a dirty bomb or a small nuclear device, an accident at a nuclear power plant (e.g., Chernobyl, Ukraine) and mishandling of a radiation source (e.g., Goiania, Brazil) 

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    When you're faced with a disaster, you typically experience physical and psychological strain. It's often hard to remember what to do in an emergency situation. This is exactly the purpose of The Wallace Guidebook

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    PRM-9000 Geiger Counter - Nuclear Radiation Contamination Detector & Monitor By Mazur Read More Specs in More Info. Link to PRM-8000 Click here.. Read about our best called the Inspector Vs. The Mazur. Check out the advantages why the Mazur is better than the competition.

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    Summer of firsts, Don’t get sidelined, Have your first aid Kit Ready

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    RADBLOCK 200 65MG SCORED COATED TABLET For use in nuclear emergencies involving the release of radioiodine. This medication is to be used in addition to measures to avoid exposure to radiation, such as evacuation,shelter,and agriculture and food measures to limit the sale and ingestion of radioiodine contaminated food. Volume discount by buying bulk Click...

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    DEMRON™ HIGH ENERGY 4 PLY TORSO VEST The products listed below are made with DemronTM fabric, a patented material that is recognized as the world's first and only nuclear-radiation-blocking, chemical, biological, flame protection fabric.     No other products offer such a range of full body protection

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    DEMRON™ TWO PLY TORSO VEST Demron's patented nanotechnology has been in development for almost a decade. From its humble beginnings to the technological leaps of today, Demron™ has been continually enhanced and refined. Using the latest molecular engineering techniques, Demron™ offers the kind of radiation protection only associated with traditional heavy...

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  • About us & our Company KI Canada

    KI Canada Ltd. has since 2003  manufactured Health Canada Approved NPN 02248172 RadBlock 65mg Potassium Iodide. During this time we have carefully selected products and manufacturers, that share our concern for quality, protection and good pricing. We have a million tablets in stock. We also carry for preperares a vast selection of items for protecting ourselves and families in an event of a nuclear or disaster situation.

    Our team

    Our team is proud to show that we are here for the people in protecting there lives from any event of a disaster. We are now proud to anounce that we are part of KI CANADA Group.





    For instance, the civilian electrical power grid in North America is not protected from gamma radiation.  An intensive energy burst from the sun, or even one small nuclear device exploded 300 miles above the atmosphere, could destroy the entire grid for months. 

    Take a moment to view our full line of DemronTM garments and shields (as on TV).  These patented in Canada nano-technology products are certified to protect from chemical, biological, radiological, ionized-nuclear and even ballistic exposure.  They are lightweight, cool, effective, and are available to professionals and civilians alike.

    Also, don’t be deceived by a recent hit TV program


    In a recent fictional TV episode a small dirty bomb was exploded in a back alley of a major city.  The program showed response teams quickly putting on their DemronTM radiation garments to deal with the situation, which affected only a few people.


    A real event would involve hundreds if not thousands of people.  The device would be strategically positioned to have maximum impact, overwhelming first responders and hospitals.


    Canadians are realizing that their old medicine cabinets and first aid kits need to be updated for modern contingencies whether deliberate or by accident.  At minimum, an inexpensive radiation-detection card and kit to determine which type of radiation need to be included.  Also recommended are remedial chelates to help purge the body.  KI Canada has been providing Health Canada approved NPN 02248172 RadBlock Potassium Iodide to Nuclear Power Producers , Health Canada, CBRNE crisis-response products since 2003, and each is approved for use in Canada.

    Take a moment to view our full line of DemronTM garments and shields (as on TV).  These patented in Canada nano-technology products are certified to protect from chemical, biological, radiological, ionized-nuclear and even ballistic exposure.  They are lightweight, cool, effective, and are available to professionals and civilians alike.


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We also can teach you on how to prevent Cancer causing unwanted radiation to not be a part of your living life when the Governments and Hospitals are not doing anything about it.

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