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Mainstay Water Packets. Case of 60. 4.224 Ounces (125 ml) Check out the other Benefits

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All water is not created equal! Here at Survivor Industries we have spent years perfecting our Mainstay Water Packets. The final result is a portable product with a shelf life untill 2019.

Other Key Benefits:

Coast Guard Approved
No Oxygen Transfer (In other words, no chance of bacterial contamination)
Pre-Measured Packets make the water easy to dispense, and potential for loss is minimized. If a packet is destroyed, only 4.224 ounces (125 ml) would be lost.
Easy to Transport - just 18 lbs. (8.17 kg) per case of 60 packets.
No special storage required - it can withstand temperatures from (-40°F to 210°F)
(-40°C to 99°C).
Very Low Cost.
No Cups Needed!

These water packets were designed for military survival kits and are Coast Guard approved. The pouches are made from mylar and can take a lot of abuse. We offer these packets of water in a case of 60 bags which works out to about 25 cents each. Each bag contains slightly more than 1/2 cup of water. This works out to about $7.50 per gallon. (5 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 1/2" thick)

Contains 4.225 fl oz or 125ml drinking water.

Canadian and United States Coast Guard Approval Number: 160.026/63/1
Easy To Use
Anytime... Anywhere


Consumption: Use 2 each 4.225 oz bags per person per day.
Field Test: Check bag by squeezing. If air or water escape - replace.
Recommended Life: Five years from date of manufacture.

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